27 November 2012

Moving On

175 Posts and almost 4 years later, I’ve run out of free storage space on this blog. Everyone knows the best part about a blog is the pictures and I can’t post any more unless I upgrade to paid storage, which is not something that my half-homeless budget will allow. So just in time to move on to my next adventure I’m also moving my blog over to WordPress, where a free account gives me three times the storage, but about half the design options. When pigs fly and I get paid to blog about my ordinary life maybe I’ll consider paying to make it look nicer, but for now it will have to do. I’ve imported all of my old posts for posterity, but they probably look better if you read them on this blog. To read about my current adventures, click Here or go to jmw556.wordpress.com. If you've been following this blog and you want to stay updated you'll have to re-subscribe over there.

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