03 October 2012

Chilkat Glacier Helicopter

A new perspective on Skagway
 A few days before leaving Skagway for the summer I got a chance to see the town and the mountains from a completely different vantage point. Randy and Patty, two of the best people in town, had a pair of tickets for a helicopter tour (that Patty won for making the worlds most amazing macaroni and cheese) and they weren't going to be able to use them before the end of the season so they let Steve and I take their place! The morning of the flight we had some of the most amazingly clear weather I have ever seen in Skagway, so the pilot was able to take us up to the Chilkat Glacier which is one that they  normally can't visit because they don't have the visibility to fly that high. The flight up was about half an hour and we spent 45 minutes exploring the glacier before flying back to town. We passed over the mountain that I worked on all summer, and I was finally able to see what lies on the other side...more mountains. Nothing but peaks and glaciers all the way to the horizon! I never realized just how isolated Skagway really is. It was the perfect way to see the area one more time before saying goodbye to Alaska.


Mountains beyond mountains beyond mountains...

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